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My life mask

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I do laugh when I'm sad
I look good when I'm really bad
Is that normal or am I mad ?!

By Others : حاجة بتشدني لورا

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By Amr Soliman

حاجة بتشدنى لورا
مش عارف ايه حصلي بعدها
قولت لأ وفضلت أشدها
 لقيتني في الاخر برجع لورا
 فجأة خطرت في بالي فكرة فعملتها
 روحت شديتها بسرعة وقومت سيبتها
 لقيتها في الاخر وقعت لوحدها
وكملت مشواري لقدام بعدها
 أكيد رجعت أقوي من قبلها

التعليم فى مصر

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التعليم فى مصر و............ـ


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You got a lot of dreams
That they don't think you will achieve 
They make you lose all your hopes
As if they got the future prediction key
Don't ever give up on your hope and dreams
No matter what they say and see
Keep up your hopes , there's a lot of methods and ways 
Cause people like them are just a pessimism machine


I'm here

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I know when the life gets rough
You cant smile , you're depressed
Just stand up and say "Enough"
"I want to live , I should laugh"
And when a chance does appear
Don't stare with fear
Move forward say "I'm here".


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